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Home Uses of Solar Power

With the increasing environmental conservation concerns and the need to save on power costs at home, many people are shifting their investment to solar energy. Solar power is environmental friendly because it is a renewable source of power. Moreover, once you install the solar panels, you will not have to incur any cost on your power because it is free. Solar panels require low maintenance cost and are durable, which makes solar power the cheapest of all the sources of energy for domestic use. The solar power quotes are important when purchasing the solar panels. As a homeowner who intends to minimize the cost of power, you can use solar power at home in the following ways

Different ways


LightingLighting is an integral part of households because it facilitates security at night as well as making family members to light their way around at night. The solar power can light your home to enable you family to operate at night comfortably on matters such as reading, movement, eating, and interaction.

Most people do not have access to other sources of power to light their homes during dark nights. Fortunately, once you install the solar panels, you can tap the free energy from the sun and use it to light your home just like other sources of electricity but with more benefits of protecting the environment against any pollution.

Cooking energy

It provides a very efficient option for cooking at home. Most of the energy source used at home such as hydroelectric power, gas, kerosene, and firewood, are very expensive compared to solar power. Moreover, firewood and kerosene sources of energy for domestic cooking have proven to be polluting the environment. You can use solar power to cook any form of food provided you have cookers customized to control energy as per your cooking specifications. Solar energy is one of the most recommended energy sources for domestic cooking because it is safe and efficient to apply.


solar energyAnother critical need at home is heating. You can use solar energy to heat your house during cold weather to create warmth and heat water for bathing. On water heating, you can install a solar geyser, which uses a special solar panel to heat water through radiation. After heating, the water then goes to a solar tank.

The solar geyser has an electric power back up to supply you with hot water on days with no sun. It is estimated that depending on the size of a household, by using solar power for your domestic needs can save you more than 60 percent of electricity and other power bills.